Sarah Saltiel to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 20th–Monday’s Theme: Echoes of the Past

17554269_1637177992962252_2255846213583751996_nSarah “Sam” Saltiel is a queer nonbinary transmedia artist based in Chicago where she is finishing up a triple major in English, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing. She’s been writing since second grade, when she made her first attempt at writing a book by the title of “Kung Fu Kitty”, about a cheetah with wings that did kung fu. She’s spent the rest of her writing career trying to live up to that high bar, and trying to exercise restraint in not getting a tattoo of every beautiful piece of writing that she encounters. She is currently working on editing a manuscript of a novel, and on editing a tabletop rpg that she designed based on the concepts of anxiety. She believes in making writing as accessible as possible and in breaking down the hierarchy in literature. In both her poetry and prose she experiments with form in efforts to push language to its potential. In her writing, as well as in her art, she examines the body in its relationship to the self and she delves into themes of gender, loneliness, and mental health. Her publications include “A Manual to Understanding Your Breath, Curing Your Anxiety, and Other Faux Sciences” in Duende, “This is How You Lose Him” in Memoryhouse Magazine, “Your Trial” in Sliced Bread Magazine, A Year’s Worth of Oxygen in Récolte Poetry Anthology, and “A Thousand Ways to Die on a Greyhound” (Excerpt) in Blacklight Magazine.

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