Andrew Sweeny to Guest at SpokenWord Paris December 11th–Monday’s Theme: Duality

Born in 1971, Andrew is a Canadian born musician, writer, teacher, and poetic adventurer who has lived in the Paris area since 2003.  Andrew has released a couple of folk music albums in France and continues to be a prolific songwriter, performing in local Parisian cafes and cabarets. Critics have compared his lyrical songs to Leonard Cohen, and in the late 1990’s Cohen was his slum landlord in Montreal, where he performed with Rufus and Martha Wainwright, God Speed You Black emperor, and countless other greats.  Currently, he is turning his book on Leonard Cohen into a podcast. Following in the footsteps of Cohen Andrew is a literary songwriter and has a degree in  literature McGill University.  He has spent the last few years teaching at different Paris Universities, as well as writing and recording songs, poems, essays, and short stories.  His writing can be found on Medium  Twitter and Facebook.  He has also published essays for Elephant journal and poems for Sophia Imaginalis.Andrew Reading poetry at agora

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