Ryan Hamilton to Guest at SpokenWord Paris December 18th–Monday’s Theme: Love!–Don’t Hate

FullSizeRenderRyan Hamilton is a 24 year old poet, father to his son, Zayn, and student in West Virginia who believes in the power of love. His two books “A Real Love Story” (2012) “Let’s Change the World: The Misfit Kid” (2017) are proof of his dedication to writing and his desire to reach out to others that he might make a difference in this world. He has performed at poetry clubs, schools,on television, in malls, hotels, bookstores and book festivals Just five years ago he was selling his poetry in pamphlet-form to random people on the streets.”So, this is really important to me” he says. He hopes you will come join him this Monday at SpokenWord. Says Ryan, ”I can’t believe that now ,I’m actually getting the opportunity.

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