Bethlehem Daniel to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 26th–Monday’s Theme: Art

FullSizeRender (8)Bethlehem aka Bett is a community arts organizer from Portland, Oregon. Her and her cosmic sisters started an underground open mic, Deep Underground, in a basement of a special home we call Lost House. DUG has grown to doing open mics with 250 people and shows with over 1200 people.  DUG has catalyzed her love words and the lasting bind they create between people for word is bond. Her work is inspired by everything from the four elements to the moles on peoples faces to the eloquent carving that is the human body. She prefers her pictures written and there for writes pictures. Feel free to check out the community work being done in Portland on instagram as @deepunderground. She’s believes that all you speak lasts forever and that we all meet each other intentional words in this life over and over again.

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