Iris Colomb to Guest at SpokenWord Paris April 2nd–Monday’s Theme: Repetition

IMG_2451Iris Colomb is an artist, poet, curator, and translator based in London. Throughout her practice she explores different relationships between form and content, applying a design approach to poetic projects. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances in both France and the UK (including the Royal Court Theater, the Arnolfini, and Tate Modern). Her poems have been published in Zarf, Pocket Litter and Datableed; and her co-translation, with Elliot Koubis, of Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘The Stories and Adventures of the Baron d’Ormesan’, was published by Ampersand in 2017.
Iris has been resident artist and poet at the Centre For Recent Drawing, she is now the art Editor of Haverthorn magazine, and a member of the interdisciplinary collective ‘No Such Thing’. Her work has been showcased in the collective exhibition ‘We Fiddle While Rome Burns’ (Donetsk 2014), sold at auction in Versailles (2015), and ‘Semechki’ (Семечки), her collaboration with Russian poet Eta Dahlia, has recently been exhibited at the National Poetry Library. She also curates events seeking possibilities beyond the traditional format of poetry readings, each of which acts as a separate live experiment, linking poetry and other art-forms such as film, visual arts, sound, and design.

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