Annette Marie Smith to Guest at SpokenWord Paris September 17th–Monday’s Theme: Legends

10671356_10152497136163806_4728386147714787502_nAnnette Marie Smith is a writer, artist, freelance journalist, and editor. She is also the creator and curator of the international feminist project, Facing Feminism, for which she received a McKnight Foundation grant. She’s the author of The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow, Tell the Bees, and She Wanted Storms. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, included in numerous anthologies, and translated into German, Italian, and Spanish for publication internationally. It’s traveled the trains and buses within Minnesota’s Metro Transit system as featured poetry where boring ads would normally be, and it’s found a home featured on the labels of Enchanted Beans coffee beans. She is currently working on a novel full of fairytale, myth, adventure and humor, Monster Songs Sung Low and Sweet. Formerly published under Annette Marie Hyder, she is reclaiming her maiden name of Smith in all ways, including publication.Find out more about her at
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