What Americas are possible? What Americas exist? What Americas are past and gone?

JENNIFER BLOWDRYER got her dumb name from her SF punk band, the Blowdryers, in 1977. She’s written columns for Maximin rock’n’roll, New York press, and downtown, and her books include: white trash debutante, modern English : a slang dictionary, and Good Advice for young trendy people of all ages. She remains a band singer/writer, recent releases include Blowdryer Punk Soul: Pinot Grigio and 4 Essays – the most harmless person you are ever going to meet in your life, Bent Boy Press, SF, 2018. She lives in NYCs East Village.

At SpokenWord she’ll be doing a song called Atlanta to celebrate Americas night, with Steve Wishnia on gypsy guitar, and reading from my new chapbook on Bent Boy press, SF

BONNY FINBERG’s fiction, poetry, essays and photographs have been published and translated internationally in numerous literary journals and anthologies and have been included in various gallery exhibitions. Publications include her novel, “Kali’s Day” (Autonomedia/Unbearable Books, 2014, NY), a short story collection, How the Discovery of Sugar Produced the Romantic Era (Sisyphus Press, NY, 2006); Déja Vu a collection of poetry with her digital collages (Corrupt Press, Paris, 2011) and Sitting Book (Xanadu Press, NY, 2017) a conceptual text and art publication, available at Printed Matter. She is the recipient of a 2014 Kathy Acker Award for fiction and is currently working on her second novel and a memoir about the men she has loved. She lives in NYC.

Jennifer Blowdryer

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