Vie Boheme to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 12th–Monday’s Theme: Intuition

IMG_7136-Edit-2Vie Boheme (pronounced Vee Bow-em), is an American  Bohemian Soul vocalist, bridging the gap between music and dance.  Born in Motown, developed in Pittsburgh and refined in Minneapolis, USA, Vie Boheme is one of the most prominent artists to emerge from the Minneapolis music scene which is home to the Prince legacy of powerful musicianship  and dynamic and eclectic stage performances. Vie describes her sound as a fusion of African American music traditions;  Soul, R&B  Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Rock with  Pop sensibilities. In her live performances she flows between song and dance performing both in unison. She works to bring athletic agility to musical performance.  She calls her performance style ‘a fusion of fusions…


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