Spoken World Online 8th June features the première of ”Coldhearts, a poetical”

A special event combining the usual spoken word open mic with the première of the short film Coldhearts, a poetical.

Coldhearts is the world’s first ever Poetical – like a musical but where poetry drives the feel, flow, color and chemistry of the film. It was shot in Paris last year and this will be the first ever screening.

Watch the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z_ftvjHrUM

For the spoken word open mic there will be 2 rounds – one before the film and one after – & the theme will be cold hearts.

8pm Zoom room opens, sign up for open mic
8.30pm Spoken word open mic (round 1) on Zoom
9.30pm Watch Coldhearts première on the YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCcTTdB9KNcU6–oy9hLbDA
You can also post comments on YouTube.
10pm Back to the Zoom room for discussion of the film including responses to comments.
10.20pm-10.30pm Spoken word open mic round 2 starts on Zoom
(All times are Paris times)

So pour yourself a glass of wine if that’s your thing
and join us to read or listen to the poetry and to watch the film.

Cheers all,
David Barnes

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