Spoken Word in Paris 16-04-2012. Report By Alberto. Photos by Marie De Lutz.


                       Our featured poet is a welshman with the magic stick: Rhys Trimble! 
Magda Rosinski opens sending him to sleep with a story, already? Roxanne reading A.A.Milne (the creator of Winnie The Pooh?) Kate ravaging the land. Jason translating Cane Rabbioso by Angelo Petrella. Yann on the roof of the Montparnasse Tower. Julien Calas about some romance ended, but not regrets. “Liar!” somebody shouts from the audience. Caroline: we all have some great great from Italy, 8 aunts, 22 cousins. Alberto dropped a tea bag from the fourtheen floor. Moe’s spring poem: maple up my ass. Sid wanted to learn a poem by heart written by a British poet for the British Poetry Month then she found out the poet is American and they don’t even have a British Poetry Month, just a British Poetry Day. Vicki Feaver. Isn’t she English? Gabriel and a saxophone:

                                                “I miss the white of night in January.”   

Patrick Cash shared with us a poem about very embarrassing things you don’t want to tell anybody. Last time for Debbie Hu: Stomach Acid: the first throw up was yellow. Keep in touch. Vanessa Wright on racism. Chris Newens introducing next sunday Unstrung Letter aka Jason’s lecture: “From factory to facebook, a marxist critique of the current crisis.” James’s letter to Dana, Dana’s letter to James. “The Canadians will raise the prize of water. Assholes!” Lucy Gelman for her neighbour! Jessanyn: “No sex on Ikea tables, we were different.” Fatima Naravati’s first time or advanced apology to her parents. Gina Bonati’s song: “What should I do? What did I do? He was fleshy.” Camille and Betty doom doom Mathe-Mama-Ma-Tic. Ben’s shadows upon their knees. Kirby Mason’s Discovery, Robin Lee and a final act by Rhys Trimble. See you next Monday to celebrate William Shakespeare’s Death Day and David Barnum’s Birthday!     

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