Report from 20.05.13

David Sirois locking it down

David Sirois locking it down

Blog entry by Gabriel Gorman. Photos by Sabine – full album here.

It was a hot night.  The poems were hot.  The poets were hot.  Everything was rather warm… there was sweating and huffing and gasping… but it didn’t matter much – David opened a door in the middle of the second round and it cooled down a bit, and so it was mostly fine after that.  But man! I was shvitzing under that that top hat, under those bright lights, under the all the pressure of hosting my very first Spoken Word Paris event.  It was a great night!

Whether it was Jennifer who informed us of panting and licking or August detailing how he exploded all over a suburban neighbour’s still-under-construction home, or Emily critiquing the youth of today and how they’ll never be able to feed themselves, everyone was, as David Barnes commented, shining like knives.  We were shining because of the sweat, but we were sharp, always sharp as any great poem must be.  And there were many great poems on this night.

David rapped about misbehaving dogs, and Alex read about current and past Spokenworders. Sari gave us descriptions of the pleasures a woman can derive from the shapeliness of a man’s back.  Amel sung a song from the Kill Bill Soundtrack, and The Great David Sirois wandered with every feather.  Max sung 90’s hits from my most awkward of years (my twenties), and Bruce was rappin’ and singing’ some of his classic Spoken Word bits, and by the end of the night none were disappointed and everyone had cooled down.

Additionally, you might remember a certain fellow named Noah who performed in the third round.  He’ll be performing at Le Pop-In on Thursday, May 23rd.  He asked me to plug his gig and I said “YES!”.  So you can contact Noah and find out more through his Tumblr (whatever that is…) :

We all knew why we go to Le Chat Noir for Spoken Word Paris.  We all know why we congregate in large numbers and tolerate the crowds and the heat.  There is a great connection every Monday night at Chat Noir, and it was well shown on this night.  Also, we got to see Melinda sing in a bikini out of season, and I think we were all a bit envious – a good time had by all.

Pure sass

Pure sass


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2 Responses to Report from 20.05.13

  1. This was such a beautiful post, Gabriel! (And I’m pleased you incorporated the word “shvitzing” into your report; a man after my own heart.) Thank you for that last paragraph; not just for the attention lavished on me–ahem–but for shining a light on the connection at SpokenWord. You did a wonderful job as host, and I hope you’ll host again. You’re a real mensch!

  2. Pallavi Kidambi says:

    Melinda was absolutely ravishing.

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