Dana & Erica in town – new CD out – hoping for your support to tour the new songs

Dear Spokenworders past and present,
Those of you who’ve been on this list for a while will remember Erica Buettner – amazingly good folk singer who came to SpokenWord in the early days and through the Cabaret Populaire/Culture Rapide years. Dana Boulet also became a fixture at the Culture Rapide when we were there, the pair of them writing songs and trying them out. Now they have a CD out, gigs in Paris on the 9th and 13th June, London on the 18th, and are looking for support to fund their tour, if you can help out. If you saw them at SpokenWord last year or caught their gig, yoou know how good they are.

Erica writes:

Dana and I just released our Resident Cards record We Won’t Leave Any Trace on May 13th and we’re gearing up for a couple of Paris shows and a tour in June that ends with The Slaughtered Lamb in London on June 18th.

We’re launching a fundraising campaign to cover the expenses of the tour and we have a lot of great perks to offer our contributors (autographed albums, handwritten postcards, custom ringtones and songs). All donations – large and small – add up and are incredibly helpful!

Spoken Word inspired us to start writing songs together. The tracks San Andreas and Lie to Me both came from Spoken Word themes and the SW audience at Cabaret Populaire heard them first. We’re 100 percent DIY, so we’re going to need some help to get this tour funded. Also, ordering through our crowdfunding campaign is is the best and most helpful way for people to get the buy the new CD or get an instant download the album 🙂

To donate and check out the perks, here’s the link @IndieGogo. 

The Resident Cards Paris Shows:

June 9th:
House Show in Montreuil (email exbestfriendmusic AT @gmail.com for an invitation and directions)

June 13th:
L’Espace B

Thank you so much for your help!
See you soon in Paris! 🙂


Erica & Dana

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