Camille Adnot to Guest at SpokenWord Paris March 6th–Monday’s Theme: The Sea

pic-for-spoken-word-camille-adnotCamille Adnot is a Parisian poet and teacher. Graduate of Anglophone Literature from Paris-Diderot University, she specialises in visual poetry and is currently preparing a PhD project on William Blake’s engravings while finishing her studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris, which she integrated in 2012. She teaches English, as well as French to foreigners; she has notably taught French for a year in Nottingham University, UK, and to immigrants in Paris. Always passionate about prose storytelling in French, her studies have led her to try her hand at poetry in English. Her poems often deal with perception confusions, shapeshifting, and the female body and psyche, but she also loves to revisit old myths and to give them a contemporary take. She is a regular spoken word performer at Le Chat Noir, and is also fond of Open Secret and the Other Writers’ Group. She has recently been published in The Opiate Magazine.

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